Project: Women's Transitional Housing Center

Warm Springs, OR

This project was for the completion of a two story Transitional Housing Center.
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Total Contract

Completion Date
March 2014

Project Owner: Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs

Project: White Swan Health Clinic

White Swan, WA

This all-new facility was constructed of wood framing and masonry veneer. Natural lit, open spaces are the focus of the interior environment.

A full-time EMT wing is incorporated, as the facility will be utilized as a dispatch center.

A ground-source heat pump HVAC system was incorporated, as energy efficiency is a strong desire of the Yakama Nation. The ground loops for the system are located in the adjacent parking area.

Though not slated to certify as a LEED project, the facility possesses many attributes that were derived from the design components identified by the rating system. Highly efficient electrical systems, door and window systems, insulating systems, the ground source heating and air-conditioning system, and the use of natural day-lighting gives this the ability to an efficient and comfortable environment.
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Total Contract

Completion Date
February 2008

Project Owner: Yakama Nation

Project: Coyote Park Dialysis Center

Pendleton, OR

​This project is a new construction Dialysis Clinic for the Umatilla Tribe in Pendleton, Oregon. The Tribe’s Economic Development Department headed up this project as a diversification project in that its tenant will be DaVita Dialysis Clinic Management. The shell was completed as the first phase of work as the tenant needed time to coordinate procurement of the equipment planned for filling the facility.

Total square footage for the project is 5,700 square foot and includes planned expansion to the north and west. There are twelve seats in the facility along with the required administrative and support systems.
Project delivery of this project was a fast-track, design-build. Construction began within four weeks of design, with site, utilities, footing and foundation preparation beginning first. Each aspect of design was completed just in front of the need for documents by the builder, Advanced Native Construction, to keep the project moving.
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Total Contract
$500,000 (shell cost)

Completion Date
October 2007

Project Owner: Conferated Tribes of the Umatilla Reservation

Project: Skokomish Health Clinic

Shelton, WA

This project consisted of an expansion to the existing facility to double its size from 4,000 square feet to 8,100 square feet. All areas of the clinic were reconfigured to improve patient flow and increase productivity. New spaces consisted of a new administrative and work area, four exam rooms and a small health and wellness area.

Environmental impact was a key issue with this project. Property in this area is at a premium with the majority of land surrounding the facility being flood plain. A portion of the addition, nearly 2,500 square feet, utilized an abandoned water reservoir as the foundation system. We were required to seal and fill the reservoir with pea gravel to act as an anti-float device in the high water table area.

The entire facility, new and old areas, required a modernization to bring all spatial requirements up to current ADA standards. Future expansion, as is the case with all of our projects, is planned into the structure for ease of fulfillment when that time comes.
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Total Contract

Completion Date
March 2005

Project Owner: Skokomish Tribe